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Eight wonders of the earth, you have never seen it in your life

Today, the director takes everyone to see the eight wonders of the earth that subvert your three views. In the early 1960s, an astronaut was admiring the view of the earth through a porthole. Suddenly he felt stared by a wide-open eye on the ground. He was so scared that his hairs were erected. A closer look revealed that this was in Africa. The Sahara Desert.


Realistic version of”Magic Cave”, scientists discovered a large number of mutant creatures in the cave 5 million years ago

The most mysterious place on earth is the cave system hidden in the darkness. There are underground rivers, waterfalls, breathable air, but there is darkness and no light, but there are mutated creatures that we don’t know. Very fierce… This is the scene presented to us by the cave movie”The Devil’s Cave”. Watching this movie made me feel deeply afraid of the deep cave.


Portraits of mysterious and unidentified objects reappear, scientists:from thousands of years ago, have they ever visited the earth?

The life history of the earth is too long. According to the current scientific system, it can be traced back to 3.8 billion years ago. Simple life appeared in the primitive oceans on the earth. After several extinctions and rebirths through development and evolution, there have been several on the earth today. With millions of species, humans take the lead in the forefront.


The NASA cave experiment was forced to stop for 130 days. The result was not good. Time or illusion?

The history of human development and evolution can be calculated from Homo sapiens back to about 200,000 years ago. If you look earlier, you can see the forest ancient apes 15 million years ago. They parted ways with the ancestors of chimpanzees about 6 million years ago The evolutionary path of the human race was followed by Australopithecus three to five million years ago, and finally out of Africa after two trips. From the outbreak to the extinction, only Homo sapiens remained.


7 wonderful holes in the real world

There are many wonderful things on the earth, such as caves. Some caves are created by nature, such as the caves left after an asteroid hit the earth; and this time, we will introduce to you that there are 7 in the world. A wonderful hole.