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Celebrity ≠ star! Forbes 2020 Chinese Celebrity List is controversial. Netizen:Where is Grandpa Yuan Longping who celebrated his birthday today? And Zhong Nanshan

However, although on the surface it is written as”Forbes China Celebrity List”, the names in the list are almost all stars! Even the list itself has become a”battlefield” for some celebrity fans. Question why the ranking is like this? Question why the list There is no name of your own star on the list? Some fans complained on Weibo. Under this circumstance, this list is better called the”Chinese Stars List” instead of the Chinese Celebrity List. The only exceptions are Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya and other Internet celebrities who carry goods, which are different from traditional stars;


Malaysian supermodel celebrity style simple and easy to wear, easy shorts to match high-level celebrities

In Malaysia, there are also a lot of celebrity and celebrity fashionistas with celebrity style. Today we are talking about a supermodel, Caster Ng, who may be rarely heard of. She is a three-point sweet and seven-point lady who has appeared in many well-known Malaysian magazines and is also a popular Internet The super blogger of, the slender figure and the exquisite”ant waist” are indeed the envy of everyone, and the celebrity style dress is even more approachable. It is the”civilian” wear that many of us around us can get at our fingertips. Take it, you can become a celebrity without being too expensive.