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370 million kilometers away, Hubble has discovered expensive celestial bodies. Can they be mined?

I am not a major in economics, and I don’t dare to talk nonsense if I don’t understand it, but I still know the truth that”things are rare and expensive”. Rare metals such as gold and silver have become hard currencies since the establishment of an economic system. No matter how turbulent the world is, it is difficult to affect their status. In the final analysis, their reserves are”moderate” and can play this important role.


The planet living in prophecy-Planet Ninth

Therefore, scholar Bouvard proposed the”perturbation body” conjecture-that is, there is a massive celestial body outside the orbit of Uranus affecting the movement of Uranus. After decades of hard work, in 1846, French astronomy teacher Auburn Levier, independently calculated the position of this”perturbation body”, which is Neptune, and observed it at a position less than 1° from the prediction in the same year. Arrived Neptune.


Scientists reveal how the”farthest celestial body””slims down”

How hard is it to lose weight? Anyone who has tried it knows that if you are lazy, you may rebound. Today (22nd) the reporter learned from the Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that Chinese and foreign scientists have discovered that a celestial body far away from the edge of the solar system has taken several years to finally lose weight.