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Brown 21 points, Hayward 17+6 Booker 17+9 Celtics take the sun

Live it on July 27th. In the NBA rematch warm-up match, the Suns faced the Celtics today. The former defeated the Jazz in the game, and the latter lost to the Thunder in the game. The Celtics took the lead in the game and started a 7-0 start, but the Suns immediately responded with a wave of 8-0 and gradually took the lead. In the second quarter, the two teams fell into a tug-of-war, leading alternately on the field, halftime. At the end, the Celtics led by 4 points.


Kanter and the highest person in the world

Celtics center Ennis Kanter took photos on social media with the tallest person in the world. Kanto wrote:I am standing next to Sultan Kosen,”the tallest person in the world”, who is also from Turkey.