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Club’s best lineup series – Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain football club, referred to as”Greater Paris”, is a football club located in Paris, the capital of France. It was established in 1970 and now participates in the French Football League A. its main venue is Prince Park.


Veneer u-pool World Cup China has made a good start! Cai Xuetong won the 13th title and Sean white fell eighth

According to the news on December 12, Beijing time, the 2021-2022 international snowboarding U-shaped field world cup in Tongshan, USA came to an end. In the women’s competition, Chinese player Cai Xuetong scored 80.50 points with her excellent performance in the third round, winning the championship at one fell swoop, which is her 13th World Cup champion in her career.


China’s short-track speed skating rival emerges? Shuerting takes over the hardware of the World Championships

Data map: In the 2019 Shanghai Super Cup short track speed skating 1000m competition, Olympic champion and Dutch star Susanna Schulting (right) led the final in the final. Photo by Zhang Hengwei

   China News Service, March 8th. On the evening of March 7, Beijing time, the second final day of the 2021 Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Championships. After winning two gold medals on the 6th, Dutch star Schulting achieved an all-inclusive win of all women’s championships on the 7th. In the men’s competition, Hungarian Liu Shaolin won the men’s 1000m championship, and Liu Shaoang won the all-around championship.


German Masters:Ding Junhui wins and advances to the quarterfinals, will fight Trump

Chinanews Client, January 29. Beijing time on the evening of the 28th, the German Snooker Masters entered the second match day. Ding Junhui defeated veteran Dell 5:0 to advance to the quarterfinals and will fight defending champion Trump. Facing the Welsh veteran Dell, Ding Junhui blasted out 104, 101, 57 and 66 in single shots and won with a huge advantage of 5:0.


All Japan awards show comedy, Ishikawa Jiachun smiled sweetly with a straw bag, the Chinese coach is really cool

The final results of the All-Japan Tournament are summarized. Kinoshita was the big winner. The junior group was swept by the two highs. The 2021 All-Japan Championships awards ceremony was staged in a comedy. The championship prizes were again given out with big rice. Kasumi Ishikawa smiled sweetly with a straw bag. Isn’t she tired? It is probably an empty straw bag, which means rice. The men’s singles champion and Chuan Ruiji are holding a sign. There is a big ball of beef on it, which is just right with rice.