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A Chinese student killed in the Chicago shooting

Xinhua News Agency, Chicago, January 11 (Reporter Xu Jing) The Chinese Consulate General in Chicago confirmed on the 11th that a Chinese student was killed in a recent shooting in the Chicago area of ​​the United States. According to local media reports, on the afternoon of the 9th, a shooting occurred in an apartment parking garage in southern Chicago near the University of Chicago campus. A Chinese student surnamed Fan who studied at the University of Chicago was shot in the head and died instantly.


So innocent! U.S. 5-year-old boy was shot while playing at home

In addition, from the evening of the 16th to the early morning of the 17th, shootings occurred in many parts of the United States, including Miami, Louisville, New York City, Boston, Detroit, and Baltimore, resulting in at least 4 deaths and 9 injuries, including 3 victims. child.


Kim Kardashian’s 40-year-old figure is as tight as a girl! Chicago was born into a soft girl, she is cute and cute

Kim Kardashian can be regarded as the first”net celebrity socialite” earlier. She was just a follower behind Hilton Miss Paris Hilton, but now she has transformed into the No. Her visit to the White House is a common occurrence for an aristocratic lady, and it can be regarded as a stable first lady’s throne. Of course, this is inseparable from her reputation.


Comparable to the battlefield! Gunshots continued in the United States, dozens of people were shot during the Chicago holiday

Since the outbreak of the”Black Life Expensive” movement, a wave of shootings has once again swept across the United States. It is not only the police shooting and killing people every day, but it has become the norm for American civilians to shoot at once. In New York, Chicago and other big cities, the number of shootings has increased It is record breaking, every weekend, gunshots will ring from morning to night.


The most violent day in 60 years! More than 30 gangs allied, the American police panicked

According to Observer.com, in the ongoing anti-police violent law enforcement and anti-racism process across the United States, the FBI published a report on more than 30 gangs in Chicago announcing their alliances, stating that these gangs will attack the policemen who are digging guns on the streets.”Shoot on the spot.” Previously, the city had 18 homicides in one day, which was known as the most violent day in 60 years! With the gangs in the United States or”flowering everywhere” due to the influence of this”movement”, the US police also Panic. It is understood that the report pointed out that as many as 30 street gangs such as”National Kingdom” and”Latin Kings” have signed”treaties” and plan to join forces to assassinate the police, and they are likely to attract the media in the form of videos. attention. It seems that the content can be said to be quite”horrible”.