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When the child was admitted to Tsinghua University, the owner of a restaurant in Foshan pulled a banner and invited someone to dinner

“In order to congratulate the store owner on his eldest son’s graduation from the China Criminal Police University and his youngest son’s admission to Tsinghua University, a red preferential banner was hung, and farmers, students and environmental sanitation workers will be free of orders for three days from the 28th, and residents will receive half price preferential activities.”


France’s wonderful Law:children can be raised by the state when they are born

In France, there is such a wonderful law, that is, if a pregnant woman regrets during pregnancy, she can also be born and abandoned in addition to being aborted. In fact, it’s not. Abandonment after birth is actually anonymous childbirth. In other words, the child is handed over to the state for custody, and of course, the custody is handed over to the state.