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The 3-year-old girl puts on makeup at home, and her mother posted the video online. Netizens:This painting is more delicate than mine

This is not limited to adult women, young girls who are fledgling can also look nostalgic when they see cosmetics and can’t move. She is young, short in stature, and a little childish in appearance, but since she was a child, she loves makeup and has talent. In a short period of time, she has turned herself into a famous makeup artist in the industry.


White American policemen commit violence again:shoot at 5 black children and shoot them directly

According to reports from the United States, as the US”insurgents” riots and police repression intensified, the video that sparked national anger reappeared:in Georgia, the US police brutal treatment of minorities and racial discrimination seems to have no end. There, in order to protect five unarmed African American children, the helpless father desperately begged the police not to shoot his children.


Women’s football seeder | From A player to Tibet aid cadre, he uses football to help children out of the plateau

The Chinese women’s football, sonorous rose, was once synonymous with Chinese sports pride. In this context, the”Wind Chasing Project” initiated by Alipay Charity Foundation and China Children and Teenagers’ Fund and other institutions came into being-to help rural schools in poverty-stricken areas across the country develop football, establish women’s football teams, and support more villages. Girls use football to get out of the mountains and get more education and development opportunities.