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46 days after the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, the three mothers took the thunder for parents across the country:don’t touch my child

On April 12, when talking about the epidemic situation in Shanghai, the National Health Commission said:”Shanghai has reported more than 10000 new infections for eight consecutive days. The epidemic situation is in a period of rapid rise, community transmission has not been effectively curbed, and the spillover is in many provinces and cities. It is expected that the number of new infections will remain high in the next few days.”


How are the children infected with Omicron? Xinhua News Agency reporter’s exclusive dialogue with “red zone” pediatric experts

Xinhua news agency, Tianjin, January, 13 (reporter Shao Xiangyun, Zhang Jianxin, Bai Jiali) in the middle of winter, a COVID-19 epidemic “blocking war” started in Tianjin. In January 8th, two people in Tianjin informed the results of COVID-19 nucleic acid positive. In the following time, the number of infected persons further expanded. As of 14:00 on January 13, 126 local confirmed cases and 22 asymptomatic infections had been reported in this round of epidemic.