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Chinese New Year’s Eve is approaching. Don’t forget to tell your children about the history, legends, customs and taboos of the New Year

Wen | Ning Ma”Twenty-eight, make noodles; twenty-nine, steam buns; sit for one night in thirty children; twist and twist on the first day of the new year.” The days passed so fast, and it was New Year’s Eve when I watched. Immediately enter the climax of the Spring Festival. Lanterns were hung on the trees in the community, lanterns were hung between two adjacent trees, and the gate was affixed with the word”Fu”. The green leaves and red flowers in the big flowerpots were renewed, and sporadic firecrackers were heard. The atmosphere gradually thickened.


Back then, she gave birth to 8 babies and raised 14 babies by one person. Now the whole group of babies is so big

The rules of WeChat have been adjusted. I hope that everyone will be more”watching” after reading the story. If you like it, click to share and like it. Only then can your push notifications continue to appear in your subscription list to continue to share each joy with everyone. It’s a good story to laugh or make a surprise. A few years ago, we talked about a strange woman giving birth to 8 babies in one go.


Moving moments in 2020:there is always some warmth, making people tears

There are still 17 days, and 2020 will end. How have you been this year? A lot of things have been posted in the past year. What are some of our own and friends around us that make you unforgettable? Today’s article will tell you the stories behind many ordinary people in the past year. I hope you can experience the endless warmth and hope that flows in the stories. ——Kai Shuwen | This statement is about to end in 2020.