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The Vietnamese woman coaxed the child to sleep, and the python broke into the house. The first reaction of the woman was to hold the child.

Recently, some media reported that a Vietnamese snake broke into a house, frightening the residents. It is understood that the incident took place on December 29. According to live surveillance video, a woman was coaxing a child in a hammock to sleep. Because the temperature on their side was also quite high, the door of their house was open. Just then a python entered the room.


A woman in Africa started giving birth at the age of 13, gave birth to 44 children in 23 years, and begged the doctor to remove her uterus

Some people are loved all their lives. This kind of life is enviable, but there are other people in their lives who have accepted less love from the beginning. They seem to be very pitiful, and even live for others all their lives, never really doing it. Live by yourself. They may have entered the vortex of fate since childhood, forced to marry by their parents, and become a fertility machine after marriage.


An African woman gave birth at 13 years old and gave birth to 44 children in 23 years, begging doctors to remove her uterus

Everyone’s starting point is different. Some people have a high starting point and the education they receive will be very noble. However, some people have never lived for themselves in their entire lives. They have always lived for others. After marriage, people become a fertility machine, and each of them experiences different things. In short, everyone has their own destiny.


Raped an 8-year-old girl and committed 18 crimes:His words made people chill

The devil is in the world, and the parents are also in the world. There will never be excessive safety protection. Safety is a common compulsory course for parents and children. On a rainy day 12 years ago, 8-year-old Naying was walking on the way to school holding a yellow umbrella. A drunk uncle smiled cordially and said:Can uncle hold your umbrella? Seeing her uncle getting in the rain, she agreed. However, her kindness is a nightmare!


After giving birth to a baby in the bathroom, a 22-year-old woman in Turkey puts it in a trash can in a plastic bag

We all hope to get our own love crystallization after being with the other half, but there are always some people who choose to viciously abandon their children. According to a foreign media report on December 24, after giving birth to a child in her bathroom, a 22-year-old woman in Turkey directly packed the child in a plastic bag and threw it into a nearby trash can, causing her death.


“Baton! Teenager:Children like weeds grow towards the sun

Sloppy Sun Lingfeng—————At first glance at the title, I thought”Great!”Juvenile” is a passionate youth sports film. There are probably a group of children shouting”Sure to win”, training hard, changing from weak to strong, and finally winning back the championship-this is a classic narrative.