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China Telecom launches Tianyi No. 1 cloud phone, priced at 999 yuan

On the morning of November 7th, at the 2020 Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo, China Telecom announced the launch of Tianyi No. 1 cloud mobile phone, priced at 999 yuan, and will be on sale on November 7. According to reports, China Telecom will focus on seven types of cloud terminals:cloud mobile phones, cloud pads, cloud computers, cloud TVs, cloud routers, cloud cameras, and cloud XR.


Construction of China Telecom Magic Mirror Eyes Base starts

Source:Communication Information Newspaper News October 25, in the Luzhou Yunxi Digital Economy Industrial Park, China Telecom Magic Mirror Eyes Base started construction and the nation’s first 5G+4K/8K camera mass production project was successfully held. As the implementation of China Telecom’s cloud-network integration in Sichuan, this project will strongly promote the development of Sichuan’s big video industry and smart city industry, adding new momentum to the development of the digital economy.


China Telecom 5G+ Industrial Internet Application Seminar held

On September 27th, China Telecom Chongqing Company focused on the 5G+ industrial Internet field and organized the”China Telecom 5G+ Industrial Internet Application Seminar” with the theme of”5G New Future, Intelligent Innovation Era”. This conference is the first of three “5G+” conferences of China Telecom Chongqing Company. It is the first time that China Telecom Chongqing Company’s 5G+ Industrial Internet has made a big voice in the form of a seminar.


“China Blue Telecom TV” was born today

China Telecom Zhejiang Company and Zhejiang Broadcasting Group, looking back at the footsteps of history and defining the future journey, after eight years of cooperation and hard work, in the extraordinary 2020, they will jointly play another loud and beautiful chord.


Liu Guiqing, member of the China Telecom Party Group and Deputy General Manager, visited China Xinke Group and had a discussion with Chen Shanzhi, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of China Xinke Group

Chen Shanzhi, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of China Information Technology Group, and relevant personnel from the Group’s Technology and Information Management Department, Datang Mobile and Gaohong shares under the group attended the reception.


Centralized procurement of China Telecom’s 5G co-construction and sharing related projects:designated 5 provincial companies

China Telecom pointed out that this project intends to purchase 5G co-construction and sharing end-to-end networking solutions and key technology research and development and deployment applications in 5G sharing technology scheme verification field test, co-construction and sharing planning and operation system research and design work. The announcement pointed out that China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. designated five provincial companies to undertake this part of the task in the major research project.


The power outage time will be reduced from minutes to milliseconds! 5G smart grid is coming, Huawei, Telecom and State Grid jointly launched

According to reports, the Qingdao 5G smart grid project adopts an end-to-end 5G SA network construction, introducing 5G automatic multi-dimensional dynamic slicing solution, combined with 5G MEC’s ​​ubiquitous connectivity and super-performance heterogeneous computing capabilities, to provide faster grid applications , Finer and more accurate differentiation and deterministic network capabilities, to achieve new applications such as intelligent distributed power distribution based on 5G SA slices, substation operation monitoring and power grid situation awareness, 5G base station peak-shaving and valley-filling power supply.