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good news! Countdown to the launch of vaccines in China, with an estimated annual output of 1 billion doses, dozens of countries queue up

According to the latest report from the Securities Times on November 25, Shi Shengyi, deputy general manager of China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., said today that the company has submitted a listing application for the new crown vaccine to the State Food and Drug Administration. This indicates that the countdown to the launch of China’s vaccines has officially entered. How long does it take for Sinopharm’s vaccines to pass the review? Currently, the China Food and Drug Administration has not released any news yet.


“Building Certificate Happiness” Jiangxi Branch of the General Contracting Company of China Construction Fifth Engineering Group Co., Ltd. held the opening day of major key projects

Dajiang Net/Dajiang News Client News Qi Xin and Ge Jianchao reported:On November 13, the Public R&D Center and Public Service Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Innovation City in Ganjiang New District held the”Certificate and Happiness, Going to Well-off Society” major key construction site open day activity.


WeDoctor Group and Zhejiang Houda signed a contract to build a smart Chinese pharmacy to open up the”last mile” of Chinese medicine services

Source:World Wide Web On November 12, WeDoctor Group and Zhejiang Houda signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will jointly build a smart Chinese pharmacy nationwide to promote Internet diagnosis and treatment, follow-up prescriptions, prescription circulation, smart decoction, and home delivery Wait for the digital development of the whole process, open up the”last mile” of Chinese medicine services, and provide patients with one-stop Chinese medicine services.


Taiji Group will change ownership of central enterprise, new owner Sinopharm and Chinese Medicine earned 1.5 billion yuan last year

The alliance of two leading Chinese medicine manufacturing companies. On the evening of October 30, Taiji Group (600129) issued a report on changes in equity, the company’s controlling shareholder Taiji Group Co., Ltd. (Taiji Co., Ltd.) implemented a mixed reform, and China National Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. (Sinopharm TCM) under China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. ) Will increase its capital by about 1.531 billion yuan to obtain its 66.


“The First Healthy China·Chinese Medicine Promotion Conference (Xibaipo) Summit Forum” was held

China News Service, October 30th. Today, the”First Healthy China·Chinese Medicine Promotion Conference Summit Forum” was held in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. The launching ceremony of”Knowing Colds and Preventing Influenza-National Science Popularization Program”. With the theme of”Great Changes in the Times and Creating a Great Future Together”, this conference focused on the development of the times, Chinese medicine industry policies, market trends, academic research, business innovation and other hot spots, and conducted multi-level sharing and exchanges. Discuss the general development trend of the Chinese medicine industry under”Healthy China”. At the same time, conduct an in-depth analysis of the innovative development of Chinese medicine, business associations, and health science popularization, and explore new drivers for the development of related enterprises in the development of Chinese medicine in the period of opportunities for the retail industry. Promote the innovative, coordinated and healthy development of the traditional Chinese medicine service system in the new economic era, and help traditional Chinese medicine to inherit and develop innovatively and build a healthy China.