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The Super League teams are still facing operational difficulties

News from this newspaper (Shen Wei, reporter from Haihe Media Sports Center) In order to alleviate the management difficulties of various Chinese Super League clubs, the Chinese Football Association has recently issued part of the competition fees for the 2020 season to the Chinese Super League clubs in advance. Each club has already accounted for 7 million yuan. However, this sum of money is a drop in the bucket for the Super League clubs, and many clubs are facing the situation that the”Wage Bonus Confirmation Form” cannot be submitted on time.


“Golden Dollar Football” Ebb Trend Where will the high-paid foreign aid foreign teachers go under the Super League New Deal?

The upgraded version of the salary limit has led to the introduction of the New Deal, and the”Golden Dollar Football” of the Chinese Super League in the past 10 years has ebb. Under the New Deal, the Chinese Super League plans to”shuffle the cards”.”From today, my coaching staff and I will not continue to coach in Dalian People’s Professional Football Club.”


At 5 pm, the AFC draw is out! Taishan team wants to play”Chinese Derby”, the Super League misses three

At 5 pm on January 27th, Beijing time, the results of the 2021 AFC Champions League group stage draw were announced. If Beijing Guoan advances to the main match, it will be in the same group as AFC Champion Ulsan Hyundai, and Shandong Taishan will be in the same group as Hong Kong’s Jiezhi and staged”China”Derby”, Jiangsu team avoided Ulsan Hyundai and Osaka Gamba, while Guangzhou team met the J-League champion Kawasaki forward.


National football first! For the top 40, the Chinese Super League may be postponed until the start of April

On January 25, Beijing time,”Beijing Youth Daily” reported that the Chinese Super League will postpone the start of the match because of the time conflict between the top 40 of the National Football Team and the first stage of the Super League. According to the report, the AFC has not determined the specific plan for the top 40 in the first half of this year, and the games originally scheduled for March and June will be affected by the epidemic, and the next top 40 may also adopt a tournament system.


After the Football Association’s salary limit, the Chinese Super League players with a maximum salary of 5 million before tax may not be able to repay their mortgage? The saddest thing is these two internationals

So far, the Chinese Super League winter transfer window has been opened for more than three weeks, but at present, most of the main players of the Chinese Super League clubs have decided to”stand still” and have not chosen to transfer or sign a new contract with the club. There is no other reason, that is, Because of the new salary limit policy of the Football Association.


The Chinese Super League is basically determined to be held in Suzhou and Guangzhou in the new season. Whether it can start in March is still unknown

Modern Express News (Reporter Wang Wei) After the successful conclusion of the Chinese Super League last season, the teams have entered the winter training period. When will the 2021 season start? Will it be played in a home and away game or in a tournament system? Where to play? These have become topics of concern to fans. On January 20th, a reporter from Modern Express learned that the new season of the Super League will continue to play in the form of a tournament system, and it has been determined that Suzhou and Guangzhou are the two major competition areas.


The Chinese Super League is tentatively scheduled to start in late March

The specific schedule and system of the Chinese Super League for the new season are being finalized. According to the latest communication results between the Chinese Football Association and the professional league preparatory office, the start time may be slightly delayed than previously planned, and the battle is initially scheduled to start in late March. Considering that the Chinese Super Cup is planned to be held in Suzhou, it is very likely that the Suzhou Division will once again undertake the opening ceremony and opening game of the Chinese Super League.


The top 40 of the national football team must qualify! The chairman of the Football Association asks Li Tieli for a”military order”

Zhang Zhe/Guangzhou Daily has arrived in 2021. Can the world sports world, which has been affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic for a year, return to normal in 2021? It is still unknown. As far as Chinese football is concerned, this year will face multi-line challenges such as the top 40 Asian National Football World Cup qualifiers, the Chinese Super League, the AFC Champions League, the Tokyo Olympic Women’s Football qualifiers, and the National Games football match.


How will Chinese football”break through” in 2021?

All-media reporter Zhang Zhe of the Guangzhou Daily has arrived in 2021. Can the world sports world, which has been affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic for a year, return to normal in 2021? It is still unknown. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many important international competitions have been postponed to 2021.


The new Chinese Super League team Yatai ushered in”good news” in the new season, the Chinese Super League or will reduce the number of relegation places

On December 29, the Chinese Football Association held a communication meeting on the 2021 Super League schedule. On the 30th, a reporter from China’s Jilin Net learned from the participants that at this meeting, there was an inclination plan for the Chinese Super League competition system for the 2021 season. According to this inclination plan, in the next 2022 season, the Chinese Super League will expand to 18. Support, and the expansion plan will start in the 2021 season.