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The Super League kicks off the media to discuss the”calling billion hearts” to boost the confidence of fans

China News Network, Beijing, July 3 (Wang Sisuo) The Chinese Football Association announced on the 1st that the 2020 China Ping An Super League will start on the 25th of this month. As soon as the news came out, it caused heated discussions among domestic media and fans. The voices of all parties were excited and excited about the start of the Super League. A number of mainstream media have given publicity reports on the opening of the Chinese Super League. The opening of the Chinese Super League has become the biggest event in the Chinese sports industry on this day.


The second transfer window of the Chinese Super League opens today, many teams look forward to the arrival of foreign aid as soon as possible

China Youth Daily client, Beijing, July 2nd (China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Guo Jian) ​​With the Chinese Football Association’s announcement that the 2020 Super League will begin on July 25, the clubs of the Chinese Super League have received”About 2020 Supplementary notice on matters related to the transfer registration of the Chinese Super League, Chinese First League and Chinese Second League players during the season-According to the requirements of this notice, the second transfer window of the Chinese Super League is scheduled from July 2 to July


Reporter:Shan Huanhuan has recovered from his injury; the warm-up match between Dalian and Huang Hai is not a test match

According to Jia Yanfeng, a reporter from the”Football” newspaper, Dalian youngster Shan Huanhuan has returned from injury and participated in the team’s confrontation training. Shan Huanhuan joined the Dalian in the summer window transfer last year. However, due to injuries, Shan Huanhuan has been in a state of rehabilitation and rehabilitation, and has not officially played for Dalian.


All circles attach great importance to hardware, experience and three major factors contributed to the establishment of the 2020 Chinese Super League in Dalian

This year’s Chinese Super League is scheduled to be held in Dalian. For the football city Dalian, it is undoubtedly another great event and great event after the successful bid for the World Club Cup and the Asian Cup. Liu Yang Jiashu Ye Mingrui, a reporter from Dalian News Media Group. All circles attach great importance to actively strive for the competition.