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Tokyo Golden Point|Many projects are gaining momentum! Chinese track and field is expected to bloom more

   Chinanews client, Beijing, July 19 (Wang Hao) The Tokyo Olympics will officially kick off this Friday, and the eyes of sports fans all over the world are converging on Japan. As a gold medal event, track and field events have always been a battleground for military strategists. So what is the prospect of the Chinese track and field team in this Olympics? Can it surpass the Rio Olympics?


Bring substitute players to look for game status, Li Tie prepares to rotate the national football lineup

Although the next opponent of the World Preliminary Asian Top 40, the Maldives team is relatively weak, considering that the Chinese team needs to complete the dual goals of winning and rotation in this campaign, coach Li Tie still faces certain challenges. During the training, Li Tie specially arranged group competitions within the team to help the rotating players find the state of the game.


The biggest opponent of the same group of the Asian top 40 national football team went to Dubai to train

It is understood that a number of Asian teams that participated in the top 40 and are expected to be among the top 12 gathered to go to Dubai for training, not only because of the good weather and venue conditions there, but also because of the epidemic in the remaining events of some of the top 40 games. The impact is likely to adopt the”concentrated tournament system” competition method, and places including Doha, Qatar and Dubai, UAE are relatively ideal candidate venues.


The biggest opponent of the national football team went to Dubai to train

On November 5, the AFC announced through official channels that the Syrian team’s Tunisian coach Marur led the team to participate in the two warm-up matches with Jordan and Uzbekistan on the 12th and 17th of this month, recruiting 30 players. The players participated in the Dubai trip, including 9 overseas players including the striker Karl Bin.


China occupies six seats in the top eight

News from our newspaper (Reporter Xie Chen) The top 16 of the 25th Samsung Cup World Go Masters recently ended. Ke Jie, Yang Dingxin, Xie Erhao, Shi Yue, Li Xuanhao and Li Weiqing six Chinese players successfully advanced to the quarterfinals. Today, he will play in the quarter-finals and compete with South Korean player Shin Jinjo and Japanese player Yili Liao for the top four seats.