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Political consensus and concrete results of State Councilor Wang Yi’s visit to Myanmar

Xinhua News Agency, Naypyidaw, January 12 (Reporter Che Hongliang and Zhang Dongqiang) From January 11 to 12, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Myanmar. The two sides reached a number of political consensus on the future development of China-Myanmar relations:First, continue Fully implement the results of Chairman Jinping’s visit to Myanmar, coordinate and promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields, and promote the building of a community with a shared future.


The U.S. vaccine explodes with”fatal deficiencies”, and China receives good news. Zhong Nanshan:The world is waiting for China

[Editor/Author Chu Yang/Yang Yang in Straits Life Meeting] Introduction:The world has been shrouded in the haze of the new crown epidemic for nearly a year, but the epidemic has not disappeared with the departure of 2020, and it is still crazy in the world today Raging. What is even more serious is that after the UK announced the appearance of the mutated strain of the new crown, more than ten countries including South Africa, the United States, India, Japan, and South Korea have successively announced the presence of patients infected with the mutated strain.


Australian latte ore as a”weapon”? China no longer endures to initiate the second round of punishment

[Editor/Author Chu Yang/Zi Fei of Strait Life Exchange] Introduction:This kind of rift has already existed in the trade relationship between China and Australia. After the US and China engaged in economic and trade war before, the Australian government has also begun to take advantage of the unnecessary” In the name of”national security”, China is attacked. The launch of anti-dumping investigations on Chinese products exported to Australia has directly caused very serious economic losses to Chinese companies.


The Twitter account of the U.S. Embassy in China forwarded the contents of smearing China, Hua Chunying:Stop instigating relations between China and related countries

[Global Times-Global Network Report, Reporter Li Sikun] On January 5, 2021, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying presided over a regular press conference. Part of the content is as follows. Q:According to reports, on the 2nd, the Twitter account of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in China forwarded a tweet from the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Western Hemisphere Affairs Bureau of the U.S. Department of State Kozak, stating that the illegal fishing of sea cucumbers by the Chinese fleet in the world caused local economic and fishermen’s livelihood Negative impact. What is China’s comment?


“Chinese Herald” year-end feature:Top 10 Chinese News in Japan in 2020

“Chinese Herald” editorial department 1. The outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the Japanese and Chinese society watched and helped Wuhan, and the epidemic prevention and fighting were all over the audience. 2. The epidemic situation is normalized, and it is difficult for Chinese to return home:the double-yin certificate and health code are standard, and bi-weekly isolation is indispensable. 3. The population of Chinese in Japan can be counted, exceeding one million for the first time, and stable Chinese in mid- to long-term residence are the mainstream.


In one day, the United States fired two shots against China! China stands firm and refuses to yield

Editor:Enshrining the US election intensified the antagonism between the two parties, coupled with the severe epidemic, it can be described as”chaos. But in this case, the Trump administration still does not forget to target China. On December 4 alone, the United States took two”big moves” against China. In the face of the United States, which is pressing every step of the way, China naturally refuses to yield.


If you can’t make it, you will”show good” to China? Australia suddenly changed its face, but China did not eat this set

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Australia has often followed the United States and made various dangerous actions that are not conducive to China-Australia relations. In addition to frantically discrediting China on the epidemic issue, Australia has also held joint military exercises with the United States, India, and Japan before, provoking China militarily, which seriously affected China-Australia relations. In a sense, Australia some time ago can be called an”anti-China vanguard.”


Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian gives four suggestions to Chinese schools and Chinese education institutions in the Philippines

   China News Service, Manila, December 16th. The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines and the Chinese Education Center of the Philippines jointly held an online symposium on “Chinese Education in the Philippines under the Epidemic” on December 15 local time. Huang Xilian, the ambassador to the Philippines, attended and delivered a speech, and put forward four hopes and suggestions to the Philippine Chinese school and Chinese education institutions.