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Fuzhou: Chinese New Year Exhibition

Citizens visit the exhibition of intangible cultural heritage. Wang Dongming photo

Citizens experience Wing Chun. Wang Dongming photo

Citizens watched the clay pot artifacts Wang Dongming photo

Citizens watch the exhibition in a high-tech holographic projection. Wang Dongming photo

Children follow the video to make ceramic utensils virtually. Wang Dongming photo

   On February 17, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, many citizens went to the Minhou County Museum in Fuzhou City to watch the exhibition to celebrate the Spring Festival holiday. The museum uses advanced scientific and technological means to display historical relics, make historical relics “live”, enhance the interaction between cultural relics and visitors, and let visitors stop and experience.


Burst! Armed exchanges of fire, hundreds of Chinese citizens evacuated

Since December 15th, the Central African armed groups and government forces have engaged in an armed confrontation in the Yaloke area. In the chaos, 8 vehicles and other property belonging to 4 private Chinese mining companies were looted. Fortunately, there were no casualties. According to the news on the website of the Chinese Embassy in the Central African Republic on December 23-December 3, 2020, the Constitutional Court of the Central African Republic made a ruling to cancel the former President Bozize’s presidential candidacy.


Belarus temporarily restricts entry of foreign citizens by land and water

The Belarusian News Agency quoted a report from the Belarusian National Border Defense Commission that this temporary restriction does not apply to foreign citizens holding diplomatic and service passports, relevant personnel engaged in various international transportation businesses, and foreign countries with residence rights or work permits in Belarus. Citizens and Russian citizens who have passed through Belarus and returned home.