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The three-body civilization used only one water drop to destroy human warships. What is the difference between civilization levels?

Through the”Three-Body” novel, I can know the excellence of the alien civilization, from which I can understand Liu Cixin’s unique view of the universe. In the”Three-Body” novel, he clearly pointed out that the gap between the three-body civilization and the human civilization is really too big By the way, the three-body civilization can easily destroy humans by its own power.


How terrible a level 7 civilization can destroy the earth in a single thought, not limited by the universe!

Scientists believe that level 7 may be the pinnacle of cosmic civilization. This kind of civilization does not appear in many science fiction novels and film and television dramas. If it reaches this civilization, it may be really invincible, or this kind of civilization. The owner of civilization is likely to be the pioneer of the universe, but this is only the conjecture of scientists.


The cave found beautiful stone discs 120,000 years ago, painted with aliens and dinosaurs, experts:unimaginable

Modern people claim to have created an unprecedented high-tech earth civilization, but it is still difficult to ensure that the earth is tens of millions of years old or even hundreds of millions of years ago. It is inferred that the earth hundreds of millions of years ago is a primitive planet of geo-ecology, but these studies are too”following rules”. Later, experts used isotope carbon to detect this stone dish and found that it is about 120,000 years old. It shocked everyone on the spot.


Super Earth was discovered, with water and atmosphere, but its location warns humans not to approach it

After years of hard work, researchers have discovered that there is a planet in a region called Centauri, 4 light years away from the earth. They found that this planet is somewhat similar to the earth. This planet can get the energy given by other planets. It is said that you can get the moisture of the sun and rain. The most important thing is that there may be water sources. Through spectral analysis, it is known that there is oxygen on the planet, and its content is even higher than that of the earth.