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Eagles beat Clippers, Trey Young, 38 points, Hunter 22 points, George Jr. missed

CCTV News:On January 27th, Beijing time, the Eagles played the home game against the Clippers today. The Eagles ended their three-game winning streak after losing to the Bucks in the last game, and the Clippers rode a streak of seven consecutive victories with the Lakers for the lead Location, but George and Leonard missed the game due to the new crown isolation reasons. After a contest, the Eagles beat the Clippers 108-99.


Clippers reversed with 22 points, last 15 minutes 20-52 Warriors

Live it on January 9th. In the game that just ended, the Clippers lost 105-115 to the Warriors. The Clippers once established a 22-point lead in the third quarter, but they were quickly wiped out by the Warriors and eventually reversed. It is worth mentioning that the scoring ratio between the Clippers and the Warriors in the final 15 minutes was 20-52, and the Clippers lost a net 32 ​​points.


Clippers VS Warriors Review:Relentless Targeting! Integrate all forces to defend Curry but not the ball

Curry played in 34 minutes and 59 seconds. He scored only 13 points, 5 assists and 1 steal on 5 of 17 shots. There were interceptions in the front and chasers behind, surrounded by layers, and it was difficult to fly with wings. The Clippers have achieved the ultimate in defense of Curry:as long as Curry can not be shot, they are willing to put the Warriors other people on the basket.


50 points behind halftime! Even a magician has never seen this scene

When seeing the halftime score, I believe that many fans and editors reacted like this. Of course, some fans who are used to the big scene said they were quite calm. The Clippers scored 27 points in the first half and only scored higher than today’s Curry in the second half. The Clippers set a new NBA record with 50 points behind the Lone Ranger at halftime. Even the famous Magic Johnson next door said that he was shocked.”I just switched from a football game, the Lone Ranger has already


George 33, 26 points, Clippers beat the Lakers, James scored 22 points in time limit

The Lakers lost to the Clippers 109-116 in the season opener. Paul George scored 26 points in the second half and contributed 33 points. The Clippers Marcus Morris missed, Batum entered the starter, he quickly hit a three-pointer, Ibaka quickly scored 8 points, George also hit a long shot, the Clippers lead 16-5. James also scored a three-pointer, but Leonard began to exert force, Lou Wei hit a three-pointer, Zubac dunk twice, and the Clippers led by up to 22 points.