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Affected by the new crown epidemic, Japan has a total of 1,600 closed companies

   China News Service, June 15 According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association, since February 2020, the cumulative number of companies that have closed down due to the impact of the new crown epidemic in Japan has reached 1,600. The survey company stated that this number may increase in the future in areas subject to emergency declarations.


Today, Jingzhe Beijing Xiaoyu debuted, and the fog shrouded many high-speed highways.

China Weather Network News today (March 5) entered the thrilling solar term. It is expected that there will be light rain falling in Beijing, and the body feels cold. In addition, the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a heavy fog yellow warning signal this morning. Affected by the heavy fog, Beijing has many highways. Adopt closed measures to remind citizens that they need to pay attention to road conditions and drive safely.


The epidemic is severe, New Mexico shuts down its economy again

As of the afternoon of November 13, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States exceeded 10.69 million, which is more than 180,000 new cases confirmed 24 hours ago. Medical resources in many places are in desperate situation. For this reason, the New Mexico state government announced on the 13th that it will shut down the economy again.


Paris, France enters the highest alert state of the epidemic

The French government announced on Monday that Paris will enter the highest alert state of the epidemic, which means that more than 250 people in Paris will be infected with the new crown per 100,000 people. Starting from Tuesday, all bars in Paris must be closed for two weeks, and restaurants can continue to open for business, provided that customer contact information must be registered and closed on time at 10 o’clock every night.


Attack without closing? Following the United States and Australia, another Chinese consulate abroad was threatened to close

According to a report on the World Wide Web on August 25, the Chinese Consulate General in Sao Paulo has recently been threatened with closure after the United States closed the Chinese Consulate General in Houston for no reason. According to reports, criminals threatened that if China does not immediately close the Consulate General in Sao Paulo, they will attack it on August 24, local time.