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Shame! The international players’ Association issued a warning:it is recommended not to sign with Chinese teams, which will result in salary arrears

However, today’s Chinese football is a chicken feather, and the international label of China’s league has changed from”gold rush” to”unpaid”. The International Federation of professional football players recently issued a transfer warning. Seven countries, including China, were included in the list of”professional players are not recommended to sign” by the organization.


Chinese football salary arrears:can the”dead end” be”live”?

Chongqing Liangjiang competitive football club recently announced that it withdrew from the Chinese Super League and stopped its operation because it was”heavily indebted and unable to maintain the club’s operation”. For three consecutive seasons, the Chinese Super League club withdrew, which had a huge negative impact on Chinese football.


Chelsea official:the Burley consortium agreed to buy the team, 2.5 billion shares & 1.75 billion future investment

Live broadcast on May 7 – Chelsea officially announced that it had reached an agreement with Burley Consortium on the terms of the acquisition of the club. The official announcement:Chelsea club can confirm that Burley, Clearlake capital, mark Walter and hansjoerg Wyss group have agreed to the terms of the acquisition of the club. Of the total investment, £ 2.5 billion was used to buy shares in the club.