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Discover the power of excellence, the annual ranking ceremony of Wanshang Club came to a successful conclusion

On April 23, the Wanshang Club Annual Ranking Ceremony was held in Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel. The event was based on the theme of “Walking with Excellence”, creating a theme sharing session of “Listening to the Voice of Excellence”. The ranking representatives were invited to visit the site and bring The output of wonderful views and the sharing of dry goods, and the launch of the “Light of Excellence” award ceremony and exchange dinner, encourage industry benchmarks, and build a platform for industry elite exchanges.


Where does the”Tianmen Tiger” go in the new season?

As the deadline for submitting the”Wage and Bonus Confirmation Form” to the Chinese Football Professional League is approaching, the situation of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Football Club has reached a very serious point. At present, the club has submitted an application that hopes to postpone the submission of the form, so far the Chinese Football Association has not given a response.


The Super League teams are still facing operational difficulties

News from this newspaper (Shen Wei, reporter from Haihe Media Sports Center) In order to alleviate the management difficulties of various Chinese Super League clubs, the Chinese Football Association has recently issued part of the competition fees for the 2020 season to the Chinese Super League clubs in advance. Each club has already accounted for 7 million yuan. However, this sum of money is a drop in the bucket for the Super League clubs, and many clubs are facing the situation that the”Wage Bonus Confirmation Form” cannot be submitted on time.


10 players, positive

The famous Brazilian football club Corinthians announced on the 27th local time that 10 players have tested positive for the new crown virus, and these players are asymptomatic patients. The club announced the list of 10 players and has suspended their training and competition. The confirmed player is currently in isolation for 10 days.


Part of the club request:slow down

There is not much time for the”Life and Death Limit” required by the Chinese Football Association to submit the wage and bonus confirmation form before 17:00 on January 29. However, as of now, half of the Chinese Super League clubs have not yet submitted the form. Under this circumstance, some Chinese Super League clubs have made requests for postponement of the form.


A plane crash in Brazil killed 6 people, including 4 players and club chairman

According to local media reports, on the morning of January 24, a small plane crashed shortly after take-off in Tocantins, Brazil. After the crash, the plane caught fire and all 6 people on board were killed. Among them, 4 were players from Palmas Football Club and 1 was a club. Chairman, the other is a pilot. According to the investigation, the small aircraft was newly purchased by Chairman Lucas Mela and is still undergoing transfer procedures.