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China B Shanxi Longjin withdrew from the professional league:unable to pay 600000 deposit within the specified time

Live broadcast on April 27 – China B club Shanxi Longjin announced its withdrawal from the professional league. Last season, the team ranked sixth in China B League. The club announced that it did not owe wages and used only more than 3 million in the account to pay wages. The club had some difficulties in capital turnover and was unable to pay 600000 participation deposit within the specified time.


If a club that fails to settle the arrears of foreign aid teachers through negotiation registers, AFC will punish the Football Association

Reporter Cheng Shan reported that the recent Dalian people’s club mainly focuses on training and warm-up matches, and coach Xie Hui is still investigating the players who come to trial training. Xie Hui has high popularity and prestige. Many players came to him for trial training. Finally, after screening, he delineated some current players. These days, he is also constantly through the game to further investigate the status of the players who come to trial training.


The disastrous defeat of the Asian Champions League shows that when Luneng runs out of food, Shandong Taishan will become more and more mediocre

Last year, I gave advice to the management of Shandong Taishan club. This year’s Asian Champions League should send the main force to give up the title competition of the Chinese Super League and relegation. This is because, first, the clubs are facing a shortage of funds. Shandong Taishan can complete the relegation task even with substitute players.


So far, no leave + unpaid salary has not been solved, and the fog of Guangzhou city has risen again! Captain Tang Miao or join Cangzhou

Reporter Cheng Shan reported that on April 1, Guangzhou City team announced a local holiday at the University City Football base. Up to now, a week has passed. So far, there is no news about Guangzhou City team’s taking a holiday. At the moment when most Chinese Super League teams are preparing for the league, Guangzhou City team, which continues to have a holiday, appears foggy.


Discover the power of excellence, the annual ranking ceremony of Wanshang Club came to a successful conclusion

On April 23, the Wanshang Club Annual Ranking Ceremony was held in Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel. The event was based on the theme of “Walking with Excellence”, creating a theme sharing session of “Listening to the Voice of Excellence”. The ranking representatives were invited to visit the site and bring The output of wonderful views and the sharing of dry goods, and the launch of the “Light of Excellence” award ceremony and exchange dinner, encourage industry benchmarks, and build a platform for industry elite exchanges.


Where does the”Tianmen Tiger” go in the new season?

As the deadline for submitting the”Wage and Bonus Confirmation Form” to the Chinese Football Professional League is approaching, the situation of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Football Club has reached a very serious point. At present, the club has submitted an application that hopes to postpone the submission of the form, so far the Chinese Football Association has not given a response.