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ESPN:Messi dissatisfied with leaking news inside the team to pressure players in disguise

News from ESPN reporter Moises Llorens confirms Messi’s dissatisfaction with Barcelona’s internal leak to the media. This practice makes the outside world think that Messi needs to be responsible for some major events that occurred in the club, such as former head coach Barve in January this year. De was dismissed and he was disappointed with Barcelona’s poor team status.


Qiu Shengjiong talks about South China Tiger’s salary owe:700,000 yuan owed to me

Live broadcast on July 3rd. In an interview with the”Football News”, former Shenhua goalkeeper Qiu Shengjiong, who has become Jiading’s strike coach, revealed that his 700,000 salary owed by the Guangdong South China Tiger Club last season is still difficult to recover, and the boss is Rogues say they have no money and are not afraid of players taking legal channels.


The Bundesliga team Menxing held a public welfare live broadcast to help the development of Chinese youth football

China News Service, Beijing, July 3rd The Bundesliga team Mönchengladbach held the first football public welfare live broadcast in China on the 3rd, and broadcasted to the grassroots football teams and youth training in need of football equipment across China. The base and other related projects provided 1,000 jerseys to help the development of Chinese youth football.


The second transfer window of the Chinese Super League opens today, many teams look forward to the arrival of foreign aid as soon as possible

China Youth Daily client, Beijing, July 2nd (China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Guo Jian) ​​With the Chinese Football Association’s announcement that the 2020 Super League will begin on July 25, the clubs of the Chinese Super League have received”About 2020 Supplementary notice on matters related to the transfer registration of the Chinese Super League, Chinese First League and Chinese Second League players during the season-According to the requirements of this notice, the second transfer window of the Chinese Super League is scheduled from July 2 to July