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Sun yingsha responded that there was no competent Coach: I hope you believe in the strongest team in the universe

Beijing, January 15 (Xinhua) entering 2022, sun yingsha gathered with the Chinese table tennis team in Beijing to actively prepare for the upcoming first stop of the new year – WTT Macao championship. Recently, sun yingsha said in an interview in response to the replacement of the competent coach concerned by fans that she hoped everyone would believe that the strongest team in the universe and pay more attention to her performance on the field.


The coach marries the bronze medalist Wei Meng: looks, character, quality, body, career are all good

   China News Service, Tokyo, July 26. On the 26th, 32-year-old Chinese player Wei Meng won a bronze medal in the women’s skeet competition. After the game, her coach Zhang Wenjie said in an interview: a person must be more complete and perfect in his life. Wei Meng’s appearance, character, quality, body, career and other conditions are very good, but she still regrets that she hasn’t talked about friends in her thirties. Coach Zhang said that the shooting circle is too small and relatively closed, and there are not many opportunities. On personal issues, he hoped that Wei Meng could focus more on it in the future.


Yang Qian thanks the coach for his encouragement and help

   China News Service, Tokyo, July 24 (Reporter Song Fangcan) On July 24, Chinese shooting athlete Yang Qian dared to fight and win the championship in the finals of the women’s 10-meter air rifle in the Tokyo Olympics. In an interview, Yang Qian said: Coaches and leaders will encourage and help me in training, and I have learned a lot of their experience. Now I most want to eat the braised prawns made by my mother.


Spring is coming

In the year of the game, the spring of looking forward to riding the wind and the waves of the”local handsome” is here. Recently, the 2020 Chinese Football Golden Globe Award winners were announced. Hao Wei, who led Shandong Luneng to win the FA Cup,”defeats” Tianjin TEDA coach Wang Baoshan and Changchunya Thai coach Chen Yang won the annual”Golden Commander Award”. From being in charge of the national football team, to leading the team to win championships and upgrade, the local coaches who used to survive in the cracks have now turned over.


Hao Wei:Hope that more high-level football coaches will enter the campus

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 18 (Reporters Wang Chujie and Zhao Jiantong)”The past is an experience, and I hope to continue to challenge in the future.” Hao Wei, the 2020 China Golden Coach Award winner and the head coach of Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club, recently accepted Xinhua In an interview with the agency, he introduced his goals for the new season and the team’s winter training arrangements, and expressed his views on the reform of the youth training system and the integration of sports and education.


All members of Zall’s new coaching staff are “national”

From left to right:physical coach Hu Yu, assistant coach Li Jinyu, head coach Li Xiaopeng, team leader Ruan Xing, goalkeeper coach Li Leilei, assistant coach Wang Liang. Photo courtesy of the Zall Club As the saying goes,”one hero has three gangs.” At the end of last year, Wuhan Zall announced the appointment of new coach Li Xiaopeng. How could this”Shandong hero” have no team members?


Who is the Chinese man most embraced by the Japanese table tennis world? Kasumi Ishikawa cried and laughed and gave the answer

Ji Chuan Ruiji slowly raised his index finger, Zhang Benzhihe grew up:Congratulations to the new king of the All-Japan Tournament. Who is the Chinese man who has been given the most hugs by Japanese table tennis players (regardless of male and female)? Ishikawa Jiachun cried and laughed and rushed to him, and gave the answer! At the end of the 2021 All Japan Championships, the champions, Chuan Ruiji and Ishikawa Kasumi, are all off-court coaches of this Chinese man! It’s all a big reversal! Amazing Chinese coach!


Chinese coaches have done a good job! Rate the disciples to win the All-Japan Championships in men’s and women’s singles, Ishikawa embraces to express gratitude

On January 17, the men’s and women’s singles champions were produced at the All-Japan Championships for 7 days. Japanese table tennis star Kasumi Ishikawa reversed Mima Ito to win the women’s singles championship after falling behind 1-3. In another men’s singles match, Chuan Ruiki also fell behind his opponent Moriori Masataka 1-3. Achieved a major reversal and was the first to be crowned champion. And behind these two champions, there is the same Chinese coach’s assistance!