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Affected by heavy rainfall, an inner wall of Pingyao ancient city in Shanxi Province partially collapsed

On October 7, the CCTV reporter learned from the Publicity Department of Pingyao County Party committee in Shanxi that at 6:30 a.m. on October 5, affected by heavy rainfall, part of Pingyao ancient city wall, that is, No. 84 inner wall, collapsed locally, with a length of about 25 meters. At present, no casualties have been caused. After the occurrence of the dangerous situation, the local government and cultural protection experts rushed to the site for disposal at the first time.


Building collapse in Florida has killed 18 people, Biden will go to the scene on the 1st

China News Service, July 1st, a comprehensive report. On the afternoon of June 30, local time, officials from Miami-Dade County, Florida, stated at a press conference that the state’s recent partial collapse of a residential building has caused 18 people. death. At present, the search and rescue work has entered its seventh day, but the progress of the rescue is slow, and the deterioration of the weather may also affect the search and rescue operations. US President Biden supports a thorough investigation of the accident, and he will go to the scene of the collapse on the 1st.


A terrible tragedy has happened again in India, this time even”death cannot be killed”

[Editor/Author Strait Life Meeting Column Chu Yang/Yang Yang] The abominable and intolerable reason for the”Tofu Residue Project” is that the accidents usually accompany the lives of the people in danger. In India, this”magical” country, houses collapsed and caused civilian casualties repeatedly, which is tantamount to committing”stupid things” again and again. Just recently, another terrible tragedy occurred in India, which is really unbearable to hear!


8 people died in house collapse in Pakistan

Xinhua News Agency, Islamabad, November 18 According to Pakistani media reports on the 18th, a house collapse occurred in the Gulham area of ​​Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in the northwest of the country that day, resulting in 8 deaths and 20 injuries.