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“Beginning” is set in Bai Jingting. Zhao Jinmai performs extreme rescue in the time cycle

The time cycle short play “beginning”, produced by noon sunshine and adapted from the novel of the same name of praying king in Jinjiang literature City, released the fixed file notice and the poster of “space-time gap” version today, and officially announced that the play will be broadcast independently on the whole Tencent video network from January 11. The play is written by praying Jun, Qiu Yujie, Suan and Huang Kaiwen, directed by sun Molong, Liu Hongyuan and Suan, with Hou Hongliang as the chief producer, Zhao Ziyu as the producer, Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai as the leading actors, Liu Yijun as a special actor, Liu Tao as a friendship actor, and Huang Jue and Liu Dan as the co stars.


The African American community has been ignored by the government because of the high prevalence of cancer caused by chemical pollution

Over the years, residents in an African American community in Houston, Texas have generally reported that the pollution of a train dispatching yard near the community has greatly increased the probability of people living here suffering from diseases such as cancer, CBS reported on the 20th. According to the data of the local health department, the prevalence of leukemia in children in the community is about five times the average level in the state. However, the relevant problems have not been solved. At present, more than 1000 people have filed a lawsuit against the United Pacific Railway Company, which belongs to the train dispatching site.