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Affected by the new crown epidemic, Japan has a total of 1,600 closed companies

   China News Service, June 15 According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association, since February 2020, the cumulative number of companies that have closed down due to the impact of the new crown epidemic in Japan has reached 1,600. The survey company stated that this number may increase in the future in areas subject to emergency declarations.


“Building a nest and attracting phoenix” revitalizes bankrupt companies, court bankruptcy reorganization helps “sick” companies regenerate

   Chinanews.com, Hangzhou, January 17 (Guo Qiyu Xia Fa) A year ago, Hangzhou Lingdong Yixing Technology Co., Ltd. was executed and turned into bankruptcy because it had no property available for execution. The salary of 65 employees was hopeless. One year later, the People’s Court of Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City “built a nest to attract the phoenix” to revitalize the enterprise and achieve a win-win situation for the enterprise, employees, and creditors.


Famous Chinese internet entrepreneur Xie Jiahua died of fire

Xie Jiahua, co-founder of shoe shopping website Zappos Chinese American, died in the United States on the 27th at the age of 46. The cause of death was trauma caused by a fire. Xie Jiahua was injured in a fire while visiting his family in Connecticut on the 18th of this month. He died in the company of his family on the 27th.


8 stock market news you need to know on November 18

Tongwei Co., Ltd. announced that a subsidiary of Tongwei Co., Ltd. has signed the”Polysilicon Purchase and Sale Framework Agreement” for 2021-2023. The counterparty to the contract intends to purchase 68,800 tons of polysilicon products from the company’s affiliated companies from January 2021 to December 2023. The price of the products will follow the market, and the total contract transaction amount shall be subject to the final transaction amount.