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Comprehensively strengthen infrastructure construction and build a modern infrastructure systemBuilding a modern socialist country in an all-round wayLay a solid foundation Li Keqiang, Wang Huning, […]


Everything is related! Let’s take a look at the important things in the Shenzhen government work report

Especially in the special context of this year, how to maintain the concentration and rhythm of Shenzhen, ensure steady economic and social development on the premise of normal epidemic prevention and control, and take special responsibility as a way to welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which makes this year’s two sessions more attractive. On April 11, the second session of the seventh Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress opened. Qin Weizhong, mayor of Shenzhen, delivered a government work report at the opening meeting.


Jiangxi lays out the construction of an inland open economic experimental zone to smooth the domestic “big cycle”

   Chinanews, Nanchang, January 26 (Yuan Rujing) 2021 is the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. On the 26th, Yi Lianhong, governor of Jiangxi Province, proposed in the government work report that it is necessary to accelerate the construction of inland open economic experimental zones, implement a higher level of opening up, and play a greater role in smoothing the domestic cycle and connecting the domestic and international double cycles. .


Transportation first connects to the Yangtze River Delta, Cixi, Zhejiang promotes the construction of a modern regional central city

China News Service, Ningbo, January 23 (Li Dian, He, Jiang Yong, Shao Ying) The criss-crossing tracks, the roads connecting urban and rural areas, the three-dimensional transportation of water, land and air… In the new era of rapid development, a high-efficiency, excellent experience, strong A guaranteed transportation network is an important foundation for the high-quality development of the city.


The Barrow No. 2 Tunnel in the China Section of the China-Laos Railway is completed. Only 4 unopened tunnels remain

   Chinanews.com, Xishuangbanna, January 11 (Sun Jun) The Barrow No. 2 tunnel in the China section of the China-Laos Railway was opened on the 11th. So far, only 4 of the 93 tunnels under construction in the China Section of the China-Laos Railway are left unopened. The civil works in front of the stations on the whole line have been basically completed, which will lay a solid foundation for the opening of the China-Laos Railway in 2021.