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A century-old brand to create smart craftsmen “Electricians” need to learn robot programming

“Go left, go left, steady.” At the Tsingtao Beer Competition Area of ​​the 16th Skills Competition in Qingdao, contestant Zhang Yunchang used on-site programming to operate a six-axis robot to place the model code in the designated area, simulating the beer production process on site The palletizing function. It is hard to imagine that “setting up a robot” turned out to be a competition item in the Tsingtao Beer Electrician Competition. Under the wave of the industrial Internet, Tsingtao Brewery, as a pioneer in intelligent manufacturing, through skill competitions, closely combines job training and technical competitions, and cultivates a large number of innovative high-skilled talents with “one job, multiple capabilities”.


24 teams advance to the finals of the 3rd China General Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

   Chinanews, Taiyuan, April 24 (Yang Peipei) The semi-finals of the “3rd China General Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” were held in Taiyuan, Shanxi from the 22nd to the 23rd. After two days of fierce competition, 15 participating teams won the “Technology Innovation Group” and 9 participating teams were recommended by the “Venture Investment Group” to enter the finals.


The Fifth China Mobile Maker Marathon Annual Finals Held

From November 17th to 18th, the annual final of the 5th China Mobile Maker Marathon was successfully held at the Guangzhou Window of Business Art Center. The finals invited experts from China Mobile, Ericsson and other industry partners, Tsinghua University and other universities, and Yuansheng Capital and other venture capital institutions to serve as judges, bringing together makers from all corners of the country to participate in the double creation ceremony and witness the creation of China Mobile. The ultimate peak showdown of the year.


Innovations let dreams fly, entrepreneurship makes life! Provincial College Student Career Planning Contest ended

Qianjiang Evening News·Hourly News Reporter Chen Suping, correspondent Sun Yanyan, Liu Huiqi, November 11-13, sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, co-organized by Zhejiang Education Development Center and Zhejiang University of Technology, the final of the 12th Zhejiang College Student Career Planning Competition And the award ceremony was held at the Zhaohui campus of Zhejiang University of Technology.