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The Japanese prodigy won again! Nasugawa Tenshin KO opponent in 90 seconds, creating a record of 40 wins

The opponent of Nasugawa Tenshin’s game is also not a generic one. This year’s only 19-year-old Japanese star Kasahara Yuki, once selected for foreign media 55KG world kick boxing ranked eighth, is a featherweight star player in Japan’s SHOOT BOXING event, It is currently ranked first in the SHOOT BOXING featherweight official rankings, beating out the famous Japanese generals such as Shouta Tezuka, Yoshitaka Ogasawara, and Kuito. Before this game, the record was in a state of 5 wins 3KO.


Chinese Super League”Return” on July 25, the Chinese Football Association announced this year’s league schedule and game rules

The Chinese Football Association held the”Chinese Football Association Professional League Media Ventilation Conference” in Shanghai yesterday afternoon and officially announced the team division of the two major divisions in the first phase of the Chinese Super League in the new season and the relevant rules of the first phase of the league.