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Seriously, how is the universe measured?

The second part discusses how big the universe is? To measure the universe, humans can only use the laws found on the earth to apply the universe. Originally, the moon was the object of research by astronomers. Later, after humans logged on to the moon, the main force for studying the moon was no longer astronomers, but geologists.


Our universe is not unique, it has collided with another universe at least 4 times

Among the many hypotheses, there is a”multiverse theory” that is very imaginative. In short, this hypothesis believes that our universe is not unique, it has boundaries, and beyond our universe, there are also difficult to count. For other universes, their characteristics are random for each universe, that is to say, the laws of nature in each universe are different.


Hidden magnetic universe begins to be discovered

Astronomers believe that the universe is full of magnetic fields, even in the void of the universe. When cosmologists came up with a new method to find the magnetic field of the deep space of the universe, they used this method and found the magnetic field there.