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Why is white cotton on the “blacklist”? The culprits behind the “White Cotton Incident” in Xinjiang!

   Recently, some foreign brand companies, such as Hamp;M and Nike, claimed that Xinjiang had “forced labor” problems, and their refusal to use Xinjiang cotton products aroused global public opinion. Some heads of Xinjiang cotton enterprises reported that since last year, all export orders for cotton products that have been signed have been suddenly cancelled, and certain problems have arisen in their business operations.


[International Observation] RCEP is here. How do textile and apparel companies view it?

China Cotton Net Special News:On November 15, the signing ceremony of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was carried out in video mode. The economic and trade ministers of 15 member countries formally signed the agreement (10 ASEAN + China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand), through the reduction of tariffs and non-tariff barriers, a free trade agreement with a unified market has been established.


Australian media said that the 8 billion large order was suddenly stopped by China, and the Australian government asked China to lift the ban

Australia is a very unique developed country that relies on the export trade of agriculture and animal husbandry and mineral resources. China is a country with a very large gap in consumable resources. In the past ten years, China and Australia have achieved trade cooperation. Many mutually beneficial effects. However, recently Australia has repeatedly sent some unfavorable signals to China, which has caused a sharp decline in the relationship between China and Australia. Therefore, the trade between the two countries has also been affected to a certain extent.


Short-term cotton supply and demand mismatch

According to the inventory survey data of China Cotton Information Network, the total national cotton commercial inventory at the end of September was about 2.093 million tons, a decrease of 357 thousand tons from the previous month, a 14.57%drop.