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Strange! The 57 crew members of Argentina went to sea after 35 days and then the test results became positive Health Department:Unable to explain

Fifty-seven days after 57 crew members of an Argentine fishing boat went to sea, they were infected with the new coronavirus. (Source:Daily Mail) According to the”Daily Mail” report on July 14, 57 crew members of a fishing boat in Argentina were infected with the new coronavirus 35 days after going out to sea, but all crew members’ test results before leaving the port were Negative.


An outbreak of a foreign fishing vessel in Busan Port, South Korea has been diagnosed by 1 crew member

Data Map:South Korea Busan Port Overseas Network, July 14th. According to Yonhap News Agency, South Korea’s Busan Port Quarantine Department reported on the 14th that a crew member was diagnosed on a Tuvaluan ocean-going fishing boat that entered the Busan Port on the 8th. Infected with new coronavirus. It is reported that the ship entered the port for repairing the hull. Including the diagnosed person, there are 44 crew members on board, and the remaining 43 people are being isolated in the cabin. The test results will be released this afternoon (14th).