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Yiling, Hubei Province was hit by heavy rain

   China News Service, Yichang, July 21 (Zhao Mingming, Huang Hailong, Yang Fan, Tan Lei) From the evening of July 20 to the early morning of July 21, many places in Yiling District, Yichang City, Hubei Province were hit by heavy rains, causing traffic interruption and many people trapped. Local cadres and the public security, fire protection and other departments made emergency rescues, searching and rescuing the trapped people overnight.


There is a clear rebound in the epidemic in many places in Japan, but the crowds of cherry blossom viewing are not decreasing

   China News Service, March 29th. According to a comprehensive report, the Japanese government completely lifted the “Declaration of Emergency Situations” until a full week on the 29th. Statistics from Kyodo News Agency of Japan as of the 27th show that the number of newly diagnosed infections in 28 prefectures in Japan in the past week has increased from the previous week, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic in many places has rebounded significantly. In addition, as Japan ushered in the cherry blossom season, there are more people going out for cherry blossom viewing than last year.