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The cumulative number of confirmed cases in Brazil exceeds 10.71 million São Paulo State returns to the “red” stage of epidemic prevention

China News Agency, Sao Paulo, March 3 (Reporter Mo Chengxiong) According to data released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health at 19:00 local time on the 3rd, there were 71704 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Brazil that day, and a total of 10,718,630 confirmed cases; 1910 new deaths , A new high since the outbreak, with a total of 259,271 deaths; a total of 9,591,590 cases were cured.


Comprehensive news:Many countries in the Middle East strengthen bans to prevent further spread of the new crown epidemic

Xinhua News Agency, Tunisia, January 5th. Xinhua News Agency reporters in the Middle East region reported:The new crown epidemic in the Middle East continued to spread on the 4th. Many countries have strengthened ban measures, and some countries have stepped up the introduction of vaccination. The Lebanese Ministry of Health announced on the 4th that there were 2861 new confirmed cases of new crowns in the country, with a total of 192,139 confirmed cases; 13 new deaths, with a total of 1499 deaths; and a total of 134,367 cured cases.


Comprehensive news:data show that the epidemic situation in the Middle East has diverged

Xinhua News Agency, Beirut, January 3, Xinhua News Agency reporters in the Middle East region:The latest data from many countries in the Middle East shows that the new crown virus is still spreading rapidly in some countries, and the number of new confirmed cases in a single day remains high; there are also some countries where the new crown epidemic has spread There are signs of slowing down.