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Surging:Benitez grabbed a”youth training prescription” for Chinese football and thanked him for his practice

Live Bar, January 24. After Benitez resigned as a Dalian native, The Paper published an article commenting on the work done by Benitez as a coach of Dalian native, and praised him for catching a Chinese football team. Recipe for training”. From taking office in July 2019 to leaving in January 2021, Benitez came to Chinese football for a year and a half. Youth training and youth storm are definitely his keywords for coaching in China.


Huawei (Dalian) Industrial Internet Innovation Center launched

e company news, on November 21, the Huawei (Dalian) Industrial Internet Innovation Center was officially inaugurated in Dalian, marking the online operation of the Huawei cloud platform. Huawei (Dalian) Industrial Internet Innovation Center brings together Huawei’s technologies, capabilities, and resources in cloud computing, big data, 5G, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, and has three major functions:enterprise empowerment, talent training, and ecological building.


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Dalian Xinghai Branch fined 900,000 yuan for issuing guarantees and bank guarantees in violation of regulations

On November 16th, according to the administrative penalty information disclosure form of the Dalian Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the Dalian Xinghai Sub-branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. was fined for inadequate pre-lending investigations and poor post-lending management for issuing guarantees and bank guarantees for violation RMB 900,000 yuan.


Dalian enterprises go online and offline together to”Entry into the Expo”

On the first day of the matchmaking meeting, Dalian enterprises participated in the matchmaking through both online and offline methods, and good news spread frequently. A distinctive feature of Dalian’s participation in the CIIE is that online and offline go hand in hand, and the cooperation between banks and enterprises has achieved fruitful results.