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The mystery of the lack of dark matter is explained! Hubble Space Telescope makes new achievements

In 2018, with the help of the Hubble Space Telescope and several other observatories, an international research team discovered a galaxy with almost no dark matter in the universe named NGC 1052-DF2. The galaxy lacks dark matter? This completely deviates from our current understanding. You know, if there is no dark matter to provide additional gravity, galaxies will fall apart.


Black hole or huge”nucleus” wrapped by”dark matter”

“Gravitational molecule”? Simulation of black holes and their surroundings. Scientists have no shortage of whimsical ideas, especially between different research fields, and some people often make hypotheses based on certain similarities. Although this similarity is not always logical. Some scientists who study astrophysics believe that there is an incredible”gravitational molecule” around black holes that can reveal the nature of dark matter and even space-time.