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Strong rebound! Davis scored 37+6 in 28 minutes

Live it, January 24. In a game that just ended, the Lakers took the Bulls 101-90 away. In this game, facing his hometown team, Davis played strongly, playing only 28 minutes in three quarters, shooting 14 of 21, 2 of 3 three-pointers, and 7 of 9 free throws, scoring 37 points and 6 rebounds.


Former Dutch international Davis coaches the Portuguese Oleans

Source:Yuncheng News, Xinhua News Agency, Lisbon, January 4th. Portugal’s third-tier team Olean confirmed on the 4th that the 47-year-old former Dutch international Davis has become the team’s new coach. This is also the first time the Juventus star has served as the team’s coach. As a player, Davis made his debut in the Ajax team and won three consecutive Eredivisie titles with the team and won the Champions League.


The 35-year-old barwoman fell in love with the 72-year-old American uncle, and she immediately agreed to marry when she learned that she was suffering from cancer. Doctor:I can live for 2 to 3 years. Woman:I don’t want money.

According to a media report on December 8, a Vietnamese media recently broke the news that a local bar lady finally agreed to get married after four years in love with her 72-year-old lover. The reason she chose to marry him at this time was because the man had cancer, and she wanted to accompany her boyfriend through the last journey of life. After the divorce, he fell in love with the 72-year-old American uncle Li Meicao, a 35-year-old Vietnamese woman who has two children with her ex-husband, and has been divorced for many years due to emotional discord.


Nongmei’s top salary renews a new dynasty with James

Davis’s agent Paul revealed on the 3rd that Davis will sign a five-year maximum salary contract with the Lakers worth 190 million U.S. dollars, in which Davis has the right to terminate his fifth-year contract early. This clause has a clear direction, because James, who has just renewed his contract with the Lakers for two years, will end his contract in the 2024-2025 season.


Davis is excited to announce:The Big Three are back

Lakers power forward Anthony Davis posted a photo of himself with LeBron James and Jared Dudley after winning the championship on social media. He wrote:”The Big Three are back! Davis and the Lakers have completed 5 years A $190 million contract renewal.