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Guardiola:De Bruyne will be injured for 4-6 weeks, Walker will not play this game

Live broadcast, January 22nd. In attending the pre-match press conference, Guardiola confirmed that De Bruyne will be injured for 4-6 weeks. In Manchester City’s game against Villa, De Bruyne was replaced due to injury. In the pre-match press conference of the FA Cup, Guardiola said when talking about the internal injury of the team:”Walker was kicked heavily in the hip, but he was only kicked. He will not play tomorrow. We hope he will end. Can play.


De Bruyne missed a penalty, Liverpool fans teased:He is really a Reds fan

Tiger Fight November 9th In a Premier League game that ended earlier, Manchester City drew 1-1 with Liverpool. In this game, De Bruyne made a cross from the right and caused Gomez to commit a handball foul in the penalty area. The referee personally reviewed the VAR and awarded a penalty. However, when De Bruyne took the free kick too much pursuit of angle, the ball went directly out of the baseline. Liverpool fans also heatedly discussed Tintin’s penalty miss on Twitter.


Joe Gomez:I did not deliberately reach out to find the ball, I can do nothing when the ball hits the arm

Live broadcast, November 9th. Liverpool and Manchester City drew 1-1 in the focus match. Reds defender Joe Gomez sent a handball in this game. Although De Bruyne did not make a free throw, Gomez After the game, there was still some criticism of this handball penalty. Joe Gomez said:”It’s not controversial that the ball hit my arm, but I was returning to the goal, everyone knows how fast De Bruyne hit the ball.


Joe Gomez sent a handball, De Bruyne missed the penalty

Live broadcast on November 9th Manchester City vs Liverpool in the 40th minute, De Bruyne crossed, Joe Gomez handball in the penalty area, the referee went to the sidelines to watch VAR and then awarded a penalty! De Bruyne took the penalty and the shot missed the goal!


Phantom GT Custom Color Matching on De Bruyne

Puppet Football Equipment Net News De Bruyne has recently attracted people’s attention because of a pair of sneakers that have never been released. Of course, after a closer look, we think his choice is still very interesting.


Sane:Ronaldinho and Messi are the idols growing up, Lewan and Tintin are expected to win the Golden Globes

Live broadcast, September 17 Bayern winger Sane interacted with fans on social media and talked about growing up idols and Golden Globe awards. Sane revealed that his idols are Ronaldinho and Messi, and called Lewandre And De Bruyne had hoped to win this year’s Ballon d’Or. If the Ballon d’Or is not cancelled, which player do you think has any hope of winning? To be honest, I will nominate two candidates, Lewand and De Bruyne.