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Hong Kong media:Decoupling? Sino-U.S. relations are tougher than Trump thought

Hong Kong’s”South China Morning Post” website published an article entitled”Forget about Decoupling! America and China are best together” on October 15. On the contrary, the relationship between trade and investment is far from a one-way relationship. The two largest economies in the world can be examples of mutually beneficial cooperation.


Attacking China at this time is tantamount to revenge

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post published an article on September 21 entitled”U.S.-China decoupling:A global recession is definitely a greater threat than China”, stating that the United States and other parts of the world will soon receive a straightforward reminder:It is not a very good idea whether to attack China aggressively or to”decouple” from the second largest economy.


Climate policy has become the key to China-US decoupling

Associate Professor Jeff Colgan of Brown University stated in an article published on the bimonthly website that the main contradiction between politicians and analysts is that”decoupling” brings short-term victory while eliminating economic losses. However, the issue of global climate change is an important factor that affects its formulation of the best course of action, and it has to be taken into account. The idea embodied by this factor is that it does not support the implementation of a”decoupling” policy and that continuous contact between Beijing and Washington should be maintained.


Foreign media:US companies do not want to leave China and return to the US

Japan’s Nikkei Asian Review reported on September 12 that although US President Trump advocated the “decoupling” of Sino-US relations and relocating companies in China to the United States, most companies expressed their reluctance to move their factories out of China. Some companies, such as the American electric car manufacturer Tesla, have not withdrawn from China, but have increased their production investment in China.


How much”an enemy” Trump and China have! The United States has repeatedly tried to”disconnect” the Chinese hawks from China. Can the United States really bear it?

On September 7, Trump stated at the White House Labor Day press conference that he would restrict Sino-US economic and trade ties, punish US companies that create overseas employment opportunities, and use tax and fee concessions to move more manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Proposed the”decoupling” of Sino-US trade. Since the Trump team announced the second-term policy program in late August and announced that it will get rid of economic dependence on China in the future, the”decoupling theory” has been thrown away. This is the first response to the specific content of China’s policy program. With the continuous decline of Sino-US relations and the further emergence of strategic competition, the United States’ economic”decoupling theory” of China’s hawks has long been heard.