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[CCTV express] continuously develop people’s democracy in the whole process

The working session of the Central People’s Congress was held in Beijing from October 13 to 14. General secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed: we must uphold the path of China’s socialist political development, uphold and improve the system of the people’s Congress, strengthen and improve the work of the people’s Congress in the new era, constantly develop the people’s democracy in the whole process, consolidate and develop a lively and vivid political situation.


China Russia Forum on democracy and economic modernization held to focus on common development

Beijing, October 1 (Xie Yanbing, Li Jingze) the China Russia democracy and economic modernization forum was held in Beijing and Moscow on September 30 in a combination of online and offline. Many experts from China and Russia attended and expressed their views on democracy and economic modernization. Experts attending the meeting generally believed that under the current international situation, China and Russia need to form a closer strategic partnership, strive for the initiative in science and technology and achieve common development.


Creative Comics|Democracy is not Coca-Cola

   On the evening of April 23, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a video exchange with the US Council on Foreign Relations in Beijing. Wang Yi said that there has been a recent argument that the Sino-US dispute has been rendered as a “democracy and authoritarian” dispute, marking the world with ideological lines. But democracy is not Coca-Cola, the United States produces puree, and the world has a taste. If there is only one model and one civilization on the earth, the world will lose its vitality and vitality.