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Highlighting design for the people and focusing on quality consumption, 2020 Guangzhou Design Week has successfully concluded!

   On December 6, 2020, the 2020 Guangzhou Design Week ended successfully. The exhibition area of ​​this year’s Guangzhou Design Week reached 150,000 square meters, an increase of nearly 30% over the previous one. Nearly 1,000 design, art, creativity, home furnishing, smart, advanced customization, design materials and other brand institutions and city groups from more than 20 countries and regions including China, Israel, Italy, France, etc. participated in the exhibition, and tens of thousands of exhibits showed the “new life, “New business, new scene, new national tide” design products and works were exhibited. During the design week, more than 150 design-related activities were held, attracting many designers and related professionals to visit and exchange, including more than 140 cities across the country. A group organized by designers.


The 3rd (2020) Station Cool Awards Ceremony Held in Beijing, 45 Design Awards Announced

   In 2020, all gatherings will be extremely difficult. On December 5th, the third (2020) Station Cool Awards Ceremony, exclusively titled by the “HP Z Series”, was grandly held in the Art Space of 751 D·PARK Beijing Fashion Design Plaza. 13 creative gold awards, 19 special jury awards and 13 designer choice awards were announced. Super jury, AGI member of the International Graphic Design Alliance Wu Yong, Dan Xiaoli, founder/editor-in-chief of Dandelion Children’s Library, Gao Shaokang, design partner of Jin Liugao, Xiao Zhuangyue, founder of XRCG, ABCD art director Nod Young, founder of 5PLUS Mr. Feng Tie, editor-in-chief Ji Xiaoliang of Zoku.com, and Mr. Liang Yaoming, founder and CEO of Zoku.com, Yao Nan, head of workstation marketing department of China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd., Li Ruofan, general manager of copyright business of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Creative Design (TGideas), and Xiang Xiang Hui, Evernote Vice President Liu Can, Douyin Special Effects Open Platform Growth Leader Wang Fengnuo and other guests attended the awards ceremony and witnessed this “discovery and An annual feast to enhance the value of design.


Shanghai Construction Engineering:Jointly won the bid of 5.345 billion yuan project

E company news, Shanghai Construction Engineering announced on the evening of October 26 that the consortium formed by the company and the East China Survey, Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. of the China Power Construction Group recently won the bid for the general contracting project of the Sino-French Aviation University with a price of 5.345 billion yuan.


Put on this”jacket”! Let’s go through the autumn and winter together

Whoosh whoosh! Good Thursday afternoon~ Do you feel that time flies so fast? It’s golden autumn and October in the blink of an eye~ Although the time of autumn is a bit short, it does not hinder everyone’s love for this season. Speaking of the autumn and winter”ticket” of course, the windbreaker is indispensable ! And every time this time comes, I can’t help but get another one! Because the real wife, wife…has!