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What will happen to the Chinese navy? On the defense capability of Chinese destroyers from the sinking of the Moscow

Recently, the cruiser”Moscow”, the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, exploded and sank. Ukraine claimed that it was the result of two Neptune anti-ship missiles, but Russia claimed that it was an ammunition explosion accident. Let’s not say who was right, but it also triggered a reflection. The shipborne air defense system of the Chinese Navy started from the introduction of Russian radar and air defense missiles, Can it resist the most advanced anti-ship missiles of the United States and Japan?


Northeast Asia stage, come if you have the courage! The ships and planes of China, the United States, Russia and Japan gathered together, and the big play was wonderful

According to the comprehensive reports of various media, the US and Japanese ships and aircraft held high-intensity military exercises near the sea of Japan, and Chinese aircraft and ships carried out relevant activities. Even Russia, which is fighting with Ukraine, also joined the”tacit” military activity sequence.


The land-based Aegis plan failed, and Japan decided to install land-based radars on destroyers

Previously, the Japanese government had been considering building a dedicated ship dedicated to ballistic missile defense as an option, but in order to respond to increasingly complex threats, they believed it was necessary to build a multi-functional”Aegis” destroyer. According to the report, the Japanese government will sort out the details during the year and include the relevant expenses in the 2021 budget. Regarding the functions of the”Aegis” destroyer, in addition to intercepting cruise missiles and anti-submarine warfare, the Japanese government is also considering the development of solutions for the functions of hypersonic gliding weapons.


Visual Chongqing | Zhuhai ship arrives in the main city of Chongqing

On the afternoon of October 23, the Navy’s decommissioned Type 051 destroyer Zhuhai arrived at Mingyuetuo in the Nan’an District and docked at the Donggang Ship Repair Base. After the Zhuhai ship is reconstructed and maintained here, it will dock at the Jiulongpo Construction Wharf as a naval history theme museum in Chongqing Jianchuan Museum.


The U.S. warship broke into the territorial waters of Xisha without permission. The PLA is no longer just warning, but taking immediate action

According to a report by the Global Times on October 10, the spokesman for the Southern Theater of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Colonel Zhang Nandong, stated that on October 9, the USS”McCain” guided missile destroyer broke into China’s Xisha territorial waters without the permission of the Chinese government. This time the U.S. warship once again made trouble in the waters surrounding China. The PLA is no longer just issuing a warning to the United States, but taking immediate action.