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U.S. study says people who are cured of COVID-19 need only one shot of vaccine

   China News Service, Beijing, April 2 Comprehensive news: The latest data on the official website of the World Health Organization shows that as of 17:39 on April 1st, Central European Time, a total of 128,540,982 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, and a total of 2,808,308 deaths. According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 8:20 on April 2, Beijing time, a total of 129,461,490 confirmed cases and 2,825,805 deaths worldwide.


Two more staff members of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee are diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, a total of 22 people

Overseas Network, January 21. According to the Japan Jiji News Agency, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee announced on the 21st that two employees working in the Tokyo Chuo-ku office were diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. It is reported that a female employee in her 30s was diagnosed on the 20th, and another male employee in her 40s was diagnosed on the 21st. A total of 22 people from the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee have been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia.


The bad news strikes again! The mutant virus broke out of the United States and Japan, and China played the”ace” at the critical moment

[Editor/Author Strait Life Meeting Column Chu Yang/Yang Yang] After the United Kingdom and South Africa successively announced the emergence of the mutation of the new coronavirus, more and more people infected with the mutated virus have appeared in countries around the world. The bad news came again. In addition to the successive notifications from the United States that people infected with the mutant virus have been diagnosed, it is also difficult for Japan to escape this reality.


Comprehensive news:Many countries in the Middle East strengthen bans to prevent further spread of the new crown epidemic

Xinhua News Agency, Tunisia, January 5th. Xinhua News Agency reporters in the Middle East region reported:The new crown epidemic in the Middle East continued to spread on the 4th. Many countries have strengthened ban measures, and some countries have stepped up the introduction of vaccination. The Lebanese Ministry of Health announced on the 4th that there were 2861 new confirmed cases of new crowns in the country, with a total of 192,139 confirmed cases; 13 new deaths, with a total of 1499 deaths; and a total of 134,367 cured cases.