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C Luo candlelight dinner celebrates his girlfriend’s birthday

[C Ronaldo candlelight dinner celebrates his girlfriend’s birthday] The 35-year-old Ronaldo held a candlelight dinner to celebrate his 27th birthday for his girlfriend Georgina. Ronaldo shared photos of the dinner on social platforms and wrote:”Happy birthday, the love of my life.


Involving 118 false defenses, Abe may be held accountable for the “cherry blossom viewing” incident

   China News Service, December 23. According to a comprehensive report, the scandal of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s “Cherry Viewing Club” continued to ferment. The Special Search Department of the Tokyo District Prosecutor’s Office asked him about the situation on the 21st. Japanese media said that although the prosecutor is unlikely to prosecute Abe, existing evidence shows that he has made at least 118 misrepresentations in Congress since the end of 2019 and should be held politically responsible.


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, dinner is not negligent, although it is not”exquisite and poor”, but it is also good for eating and drinking, good mood

Happy alone is not as good as all. The Mid-Autumn Festival should be a family reunion. Family members gather together to drink, eat, chat, and eat moon cakes. But this wish is not something that everyone can achieve. Although everyone is moving towards this Working hard and eager to go home and reunite with his parents and family, but life has to work, and various positions need to be guarded. There will always be some people who cannot return home, like the white angels and guards on the front line, who will guard their working meals on holidays.””Lonely Lele”, you can’t have a Mid-Autumn Festival dinner with your family. Here, we need to pay our respects to these lovely people.


Epidemic prevention measures upgraded in many areas in northern Myanmar

From September 24th, all restaurants in Tachilek will ban dine-in meals [Myanmar Chinese Net News] Eastern Shan State news, from September 24th, all restaurants in the Tachilek area will ban dine-in meals and can only be packaged and sold. Relevant departments will conduct inspections on stores starting on September 25. Stores that do not comply with the regulations will be held accountable.


The greedy woman, see these points to know

Therefore, the man is always with the woman with the heart, the injured man will always be the man, the man is still far away from the woman with heart. If a woman has a lot of boyfriends, whether they appear at the same time, or appear in succession in the past, they have a variety of personalities and backgrounds, and their work is different, and the only thing that is the same is that they look more handsome, then this woman can Marked with greedy labels.