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Minsheng Bank’s new board of directors unveiled Gao Yingxin was elected chairman

On October 16, the Minsheng Bank announced that the eighth board of directors of Minsheng Bank had been elected. In addition to the two executive directors Gao Yingxin and Zheng Wanchun, there are nine shareholder directors:Zhang Hongwei, Lu Zhiqiang, Liu Yonghao, Shi Yuzhu, Wu Di, Song Chunfeng, Weng Zhenjie, Yang Xiaoling, Zhao Peng, and six independent directors:Liu Jipeng, Li Hancheng, Xie Zhichun, Peng Xuefeng , Liu Ningyu, Qu Xinjiu.


Xu Zheng:After”囧Mom”, I will no longer direct and act by myself

On the morning of the 12th, the first”Master Class:The Original Intention of Movies Is Happiness” invited well-known director Xu Zheng to attend the lecture. Director Yang Zi was the host of this master class. Last year, the movie”Favorite” directed by him achieved a good box office score of 684 million in the”New Year’s Festival”. Xu Zheng was the producer of the film.


King Kongchuan is set on October 25th, starring Zhang Yi Wu Jing, Guanhu Guo Fan Luyang hardcore assembly

On September 24, the historical war movie”King Kong River” jointly directed by Guan Hu, Guo Fan and Lu Yang was officially announced for October 25.”King Kong River” is written by Guan Hu and Grey, starring Zhang Yi, Wu Jing, Deng Chao, Li Jiuxiao, Wei Chen, etc., recreating a little-known historical event that took place in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.