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This big-name mineral water! Pesticide residue

Contains banned pesticide residues. Vigit, the head of a drinking water association, said:”Generally, the Evian water source in the Alps is rarely affected by human beings. Finding pesticide residues in this water source shows that human pollution of nature is far more complicated and profound than we think.


Using the Hong Kong National Security Act as an excuse

On the 4th of this month, the British”Daily Telegraph” broke the news that officials are drafting a proposal, hoping to stop installing new Huawei technology equipment in the 5G network within six months, and expedite the removal of installed equipment and technology. schedule.


If one hundred million people do not have access to electricity, they will have to evict Chinese power equipment from India? My country responds

Since India deliberately picked things up in the Gallevan Valley, India’s reckless and unscrupulous behavior has continued to be staged. According to a Reuters report on July 3, the Indian Ministry of Power will issue new regulations requiring Indian companies to import power equipment from China And parts will require government permission.