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A sense of proportion is the most advanced way to get along

   Chinanews client, Beijing, April 14th (Reporter Shangguanyun) Looking at daily life, from work to life, “Emotional Intelligence” seems to have become a high-frequency word. There is also an article saying that the so-called high emotional intelligence is actually knowing how to score and not being overpowering in everything.


These astronomical knowledge may subvert your understanding of the world

Mankind’s exploration of the earth and outer space has never stopped. With the development of science and technology, people have increasingly realized that the earth in the vast universe is only a drop in the ocean, and the existence of human beings only takes a moment. Whenever you look up at the starry sky, Unclear stars are moving and fascinating.


Treat distance as a hobby

For a long time, I hated that different cities have affected the distance between two people. If it weren’t for it, everything should be logical and natural.


The universe gave black holes a black body, but humans use it to detect light

This is because the surrounding 3D image and the shape of the object can help you build a complete image in your brain, allowing you to distinguish the distance. However, when you look up at the starry sky in the night sky, you can only see countless shining star points, but you don’t know which star is closer to us and which one is farther away.


How far is the earth from the sun?

The sun is the center of the entire solar system, and all the components of the solar system—planets, asteroids, comets, etc.—revolve around the sun at different distances.


Why can humans never land on Venus?

This is because Venus is the closest planet to the earth. Only when the human probe landed on Venus for the first time and sent back to the Venus environment, humans were completely disappointed with landing on Venus.


The New Horizons, which is 7 billion kilometers away, has returned 6 photos with the largest parallax so far, and the star has shifted significantly

In the dark and deep sky, countless small white dots move freely here, forming a sea of ​​stars that people yearn for. At this time, a high-tech spacecraft travels here at an ultra-fast speed of 13.95 kilometers per second, without issuing any Sound, in front of it is pitch-black interstellar space, and behind it is shrunk into a dotted sun. This is because it is too far away from the sun. The ultimate goal of this spacecraft is to leave the solar system and become the world’s fifth artificial spacecraft into interstellar space. And, recently, it returned a maximum of 6 photos with parallax.