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Russian diver looking for ancient fossils in the glacier

On January 3, local time, Russian diver Explore the Tobol River bed with scientists and paleontologists, looking for the bones and teeth of extinct animals including mammoths and sharks. The picture shows the Russian diver Yaroslav Makarov handing the skeletal fossil ashore.


Does USO exist? What did divers see on Lake Baikal back then?

USO sightings first appeared in 1492. When the Columbus fleet was passing through the Americas, they saw an unidentified object on the bottom of the ocean. This unidentified object kept emitting light on the ocean floor. At that time, the people on board thought it was the light from the island, but when they It took 4 hours to reach this small island, only to find that there is no equipment on the island. Who emits such a strong light?