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The loan business seriously violated prudent operation rules, etc. Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank fined 2.35 million

The administrative penalty decision issued by the Dongguan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau shows that Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. has inadequate management of connected transactions and failed to provide unified credit to group customers. Loan business, bank acceptance bill business, wealth management business, and interbank business seriously violated prudence According to various regulations in the”People’s Republic of China Commercial Bank Law” and other regulations, the Dongguan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau fined Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank 2.35 million yuan.


Enterprises and projects rush to enter Nancheng

The first phase of the Hongyuan International Artificial Intelligence Industry Center project in Nancheng, Dongguan is a major provincial and municipal project in 2020. Although the project is still under construction, the first batch of companies will settle in two years later. However, their investment attraction rate this year has already Reached 40%.